Ethical Modern Minimal

    We do one thing and we do it perfectly. Wedding Rings to last for generations.

    The World's Most Ethical Wedding Ring.

    Our rings are made from 100% New Zealand alluvial gold, requiring no mining, and causing no damage to the planet or people

    Modern Heirlooms

    Our rings are crafted so that they can stay with your family for generations.

    Simple By Design.

    We believe in slow fashion, which is why we focus our time perfecting the classic gold band, rather than chasing trends.

    Materials Matter.

    Materials Matter.

    By switching from traditionally mined gold to alluvial gold, we save 10 tonnes of mining waste per ring. Read the full story of our ethical gold.

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    Rings made by people, not machines.

    Rings made by people, not machines.

    We make every ring to order, start to finish, right here in our family workshop. Our lead jewellers, Ash and Siggy, still pass every ring back and forth, checking, filing, polishing, and re-checking to ensure that every curve is precise and every edge is smooth. With over twenty years of experience and 10,000 rings made, we can promise quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. We want you to love wearing your wedding ring. Click here to meet our makers.

    Our promise to you

    Solid Gold.

    Solid Gold.

    We make one thing, and we make it perfectly. Twenty years of craftsmanship and experience go into making each of our solid gold wedding bands. This allows us to offer a lifetime (and beyond!) guarantee.

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    Love Notes

    Love Notes


    I bought my wedding band from good gold after much research. I really like how their gold is sourced, and having a piece of NZ with me. I live in the UK, and the customer service was some of the best I have experienced.


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